The unrepeatable moment

The unrepeatable moment

The sense of lightness, in my job, lies in an open mind, curious, free and stimulating approach.

Lightness, with the people i’m photographing, is to create a deep connection with them, almost without making them aware of it.

Many times that’s hard: to be focused, have a careful eye and at the same time a peaceful and light state of mind. But this practice pays off in terms of quality, and not only from the photographic point of view.

Foto di Flavia Eleonora Tullio
Pic by Flavia Eleonora Tullio


To grasp that nuance, that little rift of light, that distinctive feature which makes a person unique in the moment when she/he opens up without judgments or weights: this is a satisfaction without equal.


Flavia Eleonora TullioI’m a photographer from Marche Region, specialized in portrait, couple’s session and wedding.
I work in my own Region, throughout Italy and wherever people calls me. I’m in love with all photography concerning human relationships in their complexity, sweetness and harmony.

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  1. Miria Benotti

    Creare una connessione profonda con qualcuno, quasi senza la persona rendano conto: trovo che sia un concetto bellissimo, quasi altruistico.

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