The natural vocation

The natural vocation

Lightness is listening to the voice of a place and let it bloom. It’s finding the natural and supernatural entity tied up with it and becoming its careful and ecstatic “servants”, without altering its spirit. It’s welcoming every Human Being and the Art which gets to the depths we cannot reach.


Foto di Hassan Badreddine
Picture by Hassan Badreddin
Raffaella Fiorini

Raffaella Fiorini – 55 years old, from Marche Region – she belongs to to the third generation of women who invented hospitality in Portonovo: her grandmother Emilia (from which the Hotel Emilia takes its name) pioneer in 1923, then her mother Elia who built the hotel in 1964, and finally Raffaella. In addition to the hotel management, she created in 2002 “Emilia concerts on the lawn”, a music independent festival with a special care to some of the most innovating experiences of contemporary jazz. In 2016 she started “13 at the table”, an event dedicated to the natural winemakers of Marche Region and to photography. 

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