Our bags are also made light by the ethical choice of our sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials, and the ways in which we process them that have very low environmental impact. We hand-pick actual newspapers according to their shape and colour, and we add vegan leather finishings, which we get from shoe factories local to our region. Yesterday’s news is transformed into strips, and then weaved patiently by hand and made waterproof using an eco-friendly process.

Lightness combines with strength: the result is a unique bag suitable for every which way a woman may want to use it.
The uniquely designed woven pattern enhances the qualities of these raw materials, creating a timeless flair. Each bag is unique and recognisable in model and character, thanks to the vegan leather accessories, the elegant shoulder straps and the hand-painted decorations.

Our bags are not mere accessories: they become artworks by themselves, each a unique piece, the result of a combination of our art and craft and the particular properties of the selected paper.

Choose your bag, choose your lightness.